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Hi there! Welcome to South African Girl. I’m Khanyi and I’m excited to have you on my page because something tells me you are a woman who knows her worth and goes after what she wants. As women we know how challenging and lonely the road to success can be, especially in a largely patriarchal society as South Africa.  I’ve created this platform to remind you that you are not alone, there is a whole community of women who share similar ambitions.

So a little about me. I am a twenty something year old creative from the coast (Eastern Cape stand up, whoop whoop!). I’ve worked in journalism, TV production, and online content management, and other industries just hobbling along trying to find my may. I come from a regular middle class  (lower, lower middle class) home with all the challenges we all experience growing up. You know what I’m talking about ladies, I don’t even need to go there!

The South African Girl YouTube channel goes deep into these issues, particularly issues surrounding our emotional well-being, how to navigate the workspace and also celebrating our femininity and indulging our sweet pleasures.

I wish this might be a space for women to share their stories of struggle and success, and a celebration of all things 21st century woman. I strongly believe we all have a purpose and I hope this blog/vlog will be a small plug for you in the right direction.

Much love Sugarpops!



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