Top Tips to Make 2019 Your Year of Great Success

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from 2018 and years passed is that new years resolutions are a rosy, pixie dust road to nowhere. Wishing things into being and writing lists is not enough. We actively have to be in touch with our goals and what we have to do to make them happen.

Mr Benjamin Franklin was right on the money when he said, “By failing to prepare, we are preparing to fail.” January is fast approaching and it will pass just as quick as it came if we don’t have clear goals and action steps in place.

I want to share 4 important tips that have been a tremendous help to me and will help you tackle 2019 with ease and confidence.

1. Focus on the long game

Short-term planning leads us to feeling like we are going in circles, aimlessly jumping from one project to the other, while long terms goals keep our faith alive. This is the faith necessary to keep us grounded when challenges come up. One of the great advantages of a long-term plan is that it helps in monitoring our progress and aligning our milestones with the bigger objective.

2. Write it down

It’s important to have a daily planner to write the specifics of your course of action. Scope out tasks periodically: quarterly, monthly, weekly and down to daily, this will help you stay on track at all times. You might not have the exact timelines and meetings set yet but it will be

highly beneficial to write down those appointments as if they are already lined up to help push you to make them happen.

3. Work-play balance

Working on our goals can be a great boost for our self-esteem but without social support the road can be lonely and we can be discouraged. I strongly suggest planning social outings such as holidays, hiking or simply meeting friends for coffee as a way of keeping the balance.

4. Be consistent

Things won’t always go the way we want but having a plan ensures we have a ‘source document’ we can go back to and rework when needed. It’s very easy to fall into complacency and become negative but we have to push ourselves to take the next action and to always remember the bigger picture. It will all pay off in the end.

These tips are guaranteed to help you soar in 2019. You can do it. I have crazy belief in you. You have everything you need to achieve your goals right in that amazing brain of yours.

All the best Lovelies! May your 2019 exceed your expectations!


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