Mzansi Influencer Calendar 2019 – Available Now!!!

Influencers, who are they, and why do we care? When you think influencer, you probably picture beautiful women shopping for designer clothes in Dubai or radiant couples lounging on tropical beaches. That’s all true; however, the relevance and impact of social media influencers is incredible and it is changing the face of business and who we interact socially.

Looking at influencers wholly, they do much more than create visual appeal and market products. By my definition, influencers are the future.

They are vibrant, driven individual who are fearlessly creating the life of their dreams, and every day they inspire us to do the same.

With all the negative aspects that social media can have, this calendar was created to motivate young women in a positive way. The 12 influencers chosen to be part of this calendar are not only leading in their chosen careers/ interests but they are also formidable and inspirational women we can all learn from.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible. To the 12 lady bosses that were chosen to feature, thank you. You are a true inspiration to young women and girls, and gents, out there!

Calendar download:

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