Spring Fashion Trends 2019 – (with Mzansi Instagram Looks)

From the streets of Paris to New York fashion week we’ve watched the looks unfold and I’m excited to share the hot fashion trends that are about to hit Mzansi this spring. This season explores patterns and colour like never before and I would be bold as to say that spring/summer fashion 2019 is definitely African inspired.


Yellow is by far the colour of the season. Being a colour that signifies freshness, sunshine, joy and happiness, yellow is without a doubt spring ‘hue-manised’.

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Tribal prints

From the red carpet to everyday street wear, we have seem  many celebrities experimenting with tribal prints. Big retailers such as H&M have also jumped on the bandwagon with their collaboration with South African fashion brand, Mantsho. (By the way, Mantsho is an amazing brand in its own right. Do check them out, https://mantsho.co/.) Graphic prints have also been popular, making countless appearances on fashion week runways.

Satin/ silk

Having always viewed silk and satin formal business and evening wear textures, I was slow to warm up to this trend, however; this soft and feminine textures has won me over. I am a fan of wearing this trend with ruffles or wrap dresses which give a more layered look – a safe choice that ensured your satin frock doesn’t resemble a nightie.

Matching sets

Monochrome 2-pieces have picked up where they left off in 2018 and it seems they are back with a vengeance. I haven’t been able to go online or page through a magazine without spotting them. You definitely need one or two of these sets in your wardrobe to slay this season.


Nothing says African safari more than a beige outfit. Beige is without a doubt ideal for the outdoor nature lover but it can also be a very versatile hue especially for formal wear. For an overall elegant look, you can pair beige is white. If you are feeling bold, you can also pair it with a dark brown. For a perfect fashion win, go beige-on-beige with a trendy safari 2-piece set.

Boater straw sun hat

What is summer without a sun hat? They’re protective, fun and timeless.

A bonus trend I feel will also be a favourite is silk/ satin head wraps. Head wraps aren’t new to us African sistas and I feel they are the perfect accessory to wrap up these African inspired spring looks.

Do drop us a comment with your fashion tips and trends this spring season. Will love to hear from you!


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