Protective Hairstyles for Preventing Breakage This Winter

Winter time can be a tough period on our hair and protective styles can be the best way to reduce damage.

My protective style of choice this season is box braids. As we know, box braids tend to be very heavy and can be detrimental to the hairline. So how do we prevent this? The key to box braids that don’t break or uproot your hair is the size and the tightness of the braid.
I wear my braids loose most of the time to minimise strain on the hairline. Tying your braids into a ponytail is the most damaging to your hair. What I’d recommend is a top-of-the-head bun (as demonstrated in the inset image).

Other styles I would highly recommended are:
• Closed sew-in weaves
• Medium-sized cornrows

Remember to moisturise the hair while it is in the protective style. For easy access and even distribution of moisture I recommend using a spritzer infused with all your favourite oils.