Tips to Finding a Job Faster in South Africa

Have you been applying for jobs and not getting a response? Do you feel like your CV is being ignored?

I feel your pain, sister. Most of us have been there but there is good news. With just a few tweaks in your job search, your job application can become the unicorn of job applications. Oh yeah! Today I want to share some tips that will help you land the job in a short time and helped you stay employed.

1. Update your CV. Find the latest templates online, there are thousands. Use language and keywords commonly used in related job specs.
2. Approach CEOs and Executives. Speak to people who have influence in the business you approach.
3. Look outside of your field. You never know what doors might open when you are within the workspace.
4. Register for online job searches. Ensure your profile is filled in in full.
5. Be consistent. The more times you apply for jobs, the higher your chances.

Don’t be afraid to follow up on your applications. If you use these tips you will be hired in no time. These have worked for me in the past and I believe they will work for you too.
For more details on these tips and more, watch the full video on my YouTube channel, I also share other valuable resources on my Facebook page, Khanyi Daily. Would love to hear what your job search experience has been. Share your comments/ questions below.

Protective Hairstyles for Preventing Breakage This Winter

Winter time can be a tough period on our hair and protective styles can be the best way to reduce damage.

My protective style of choice this season is box braids. As we know, box braids tend to be very heavy and can be detrimental to the hairline. So how do we prevent this? The key to box braids that don’t break or uproot your hair is the size and the tightness of the braid.
I wear my braids loose most of the time to minimise strain on the hairline. Tying your braids into a ponytail is the most damaging to your hair. What I’d recommend is a top-of-the-head bun (as demonstrated in the inset image).

Other styles I would highly recommended are:
• Closed sew-in weaves
• Medium-sized cornrows

Remember to moisturise the hair while it is in the protective style. For easy access and even distribution of moisture I recommend using a spritzer infused with all your favourite oils.